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Who are We? We are people who care about the new Mama and Mama to be. So much time and attention is given to the new young life coming into the world but perhaps not enough to the young mother and her changing body and mind. We looked around and could not find products that cared for Mama to be and New Mama and wanted to change that.  We scoured the world for the best offerings and found our heroes. We have sourced some of our products from the USA and some from SA as we have an excellent climate that produces unique and especially powerful organic herbs that are particularly beneficial for a Mama to be and New Mama.  We hope you enjoy our offering and feel cared for during this very exciting time of your life.  We are here for you every step of the way.

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Mama & Me Taking Care of Mama’s

At Mama & Me we believe in taking care of Mama. So often the focus is on the Baby and its development, here you will find products created especially for Mama.  At Mama & Me we believe in pampering and caring for Mama as you go through this massive adventure of creating a new human. This is such a special and uniquely invigorating, tiring, and crazy time as you and your body change, and your mind comes to terms with creating your precious new being.

  • Wellness
  • Organic Herbs that nurture and care
  • Uniquely Yours

 Herbal Organic Goodness Just for Mama

Each and every product found on our site promises Organic Herbal goodness especially created for Mama to be and New Mama.  Mama to be has a lot going on, your body is changing and growing and is home to a whole new being.

This is a very special time and we think you deserve some very special products.  Hence we have created specifically tailored Herbal Organic Skincare and Pregnancy care products to keep you well and keep you beautiful,


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