Breastfeeding Problems

Being a New Mama and your fist time at breastfeeding it can all feel a bit overwhelming and quite strange.  Probably key to successful breastfeeding is that the baby latching on properly.  As a new Mama, it is hard to know when it’s right or wrong.  Take advantage of the time you spend in hospital speak with the midwife and ask her to check Babys’ latch, this will stand you in good stead. Often it is a case of moving position and getting comfortable and relaxing which isn’t easy at first. The correct position is to allow the baby to have a large portion of the bottom part of the areola with the nipple against the roof of her mouth.

At first whilst everyone is adjusting there could be a lot of activity around your nipples and this can make them tender and sore.  Try our ‘Mama & Me Nipple Stick’ this will soothe and hydrate your nipples and soothe discomfort. Once your milk comes in approx two days after the birth your baby will be feeding every couple of hours, it’s quite intense therefore look after your ‘Nips’.

You may have inverted nipples and this makes it very hard for baby to latch on in this case you can use ‘nipple formers’ that gently put pressure on the nipples to draw them out. If your baby still does not latch on you may like to try try ‘Nipple Shields’ which will give your baby a larger and firmer target to latch onto.

When is Enough Breast Milk Enough?

This is always a big question, how on earth do you know if Baby is getting enough milk. ?For the first few days you will only make a small amount of breast milk whilst the hormones kick in and milk production ramps up. New baby’s tummy is very small and will only need tiny quantities of milk, you will find you will be feeding frequently until the milk comes in and baby is stronger. Whilst you are in hospital baby is constantly weighed to ensure an increase in weight as the days pass.

The first few days of breastfeeding are tiring both on mind and body and it is important that you get rest and feel relaxed as this encourages milk production and general happiness levels.

The Milk Arrives

As the milk comes in you will find your breasts getting bigger and firmer, if the baby is feeding well then you should be comfortable and be able to control a good feeding pattern. Sometimes new Mama’s may find that their breats get very hard and sore, sometimes known as engorgement. the breasts may feel hot to the touch as there is so much going on inside the breast.

Sometimes hard and painful breasts may be signs of mastitis, this is when a milk duct gets blocked.  You will need to ask for professional help as mastitis may lead to infection.

Your Breasts are Springing Leaks!

This is not unusual at the beginning of this journey.  It can be quite surprising, your body reacts to stimulus and it may be as simple as the sound of another baby crying that sets your breasts in action.

Invest in nipple pads that you can wear inside your bra to keep dry and keep your dignity in place.