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Postpartum Repair

This is the page where you will find all the products needed to repair your beautiful body after its’ miraculous work.  Your body has just performed one of life’s most important roles and it needs taking care of after the process. You should pack these items into your hospital bag so that you may give your body all the love and care it has given the wonderful little bundle that is your new life.

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This is a really important subject as often so much is left unsaid and new Mama’s are not quite sure of how they will feel after the birth.  The huge build-up to becoming a new Mama often overrides focus on the new Mama.

At Mama & Me we care for you and your precious bundle.  However, we give most of our focus to making sure new Mama is healthy and happy.

In years past nobody talked about what comes after the birth for Mama, the focus was only on Baby.  We focus on Mama and want to lay out the whole picture so you know in advance how to best look after yourself.

The Basics – Vaginal Soreness

If you have had a vaginal tear or your gynaecologist has had to make an incision you will feel some soreness down there.  Mama & Me has two products that go a long way to easing the discomfort and repair process.  They are Mama’s Sitz Bath and Mama’s Repair Down There Spray, these should be used in conjunction and used in your first steps to repair.  Pack these two products into your hospital bag and know that you are giving your body the best chance of survival.

Mama’s Sitz Bath Repair offers a wonderful combination of healing herbs including salts, Yarrow, Calendula, lavender, Comfrey, Rose Geranium Oil and Sea Salt that have historically been used to support postpartum women. Wound-healing, styptic and antibacterial herbs and salts help reduce swelling and speed healing of vaginal soreness, episiotomy and perineal bruising. Great for both prenatal and postpartum haemorrhoids.

Whereas our ‘On the Go’ ‘ Down There Repair Spray’ is something you should carry with you in your bag for constant repair. This contains Witch Hazel Calendula Hydrolat Rose Geranium Hydrolat Aloe Vera juice.  This spray can also be added to Sanitary towels and put into the freezer and used at home for further relief.

Vaginal discharge

After delivery, there will be some vaginal discharge and this is completely normal.  At first, you will be discharging superficial mucous membrane the residue from your pregnancy. This will continue for a few weeks.  At first, it will be red and heavy, then it will taper and change from dark red to pinkish and later to yellowish-white.


You may experience the occasional contractions sometimes known as afterpains and they feel similar to menstrual cramps. These often happen during breastfeeding which is a result of the release of the hormone oxytocin.


Intermittent incontinence may occur as the muscles of the pelvic floor have stretched and changed. This will improve over time especially if you do some pelvic floor exercises.

Hemorrhoids & Bowel movements

Certainly not the most glamorous of subjects but one to be aware of. Again this is where Mama’s Sitz Bath repairs this area as does our ‘ Mama’s Down There Spray’

Tender Breasts

A few days after the birth your breasts may become full and firm and quite tender. Sometimes this can be very painful, the best way to avoid this is to make sure you breastfeed from both breasts equally. Warm and cold flannels over the breast will help relieve discomfort.  If symptoms persist please consult with your Doctor as you may be suffering from Mastitis and for this, you need professional help and should not be left unchecked.  Read more about this here

Stretch Marks

Obviously, the Bump is now next to you, not inside you your body therefore your body is shrinking as is your skin.  To further avoid stretch marks continue using our Mama’s Bump Oil and Mama’s Bump butter.  Both of these products are also great for C-section scarring.

Mood Changes

It’s not unusual to have mood swings after the birth as your body and your mind adjusts to this momentous life change.  Don’t beat up on yourself instead take care and be kind to yourself. These swings may include, tears, difficulty in sleeping and anxiety these are all quite normal. Mama &  Me has you covered with our wonderful Mama & Me Postpartum Drops’ Balance That Mama’ remember to pack these into your hospital bag. ‘Balance That Mama is totally natural and is made with 100% organic ingredients. Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Corn-Free, Nut-Free, Vegan. No Artificial Colors, Flavors, Fragrances, or Preservatives.  Safe for all ages. Safe for use while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Weight Loss

This is always a focus.  Most women lose approximately 13 pounds or 6 kilograms during the birth, which includes baby, placenta and amniotic fluid.  In the early few days, you will continue to lose weight from leftover fluids.  Add to this a healthy diet and some exercise and you will soon be your old self.  Many hospital offer postnatal exercise classes, take advantage whilst you have someone caring for your bundle, these exercises will quickly back to feeling yourself again.

Postpartum Checks

These should be soon after the birth and again every few weeks until all symptoms of discomfort have diminished.