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Mama’s Bump Butter

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Staci Gomez (verified owner)  

This belly butter smells amazing and I love that a little bit goes a long way.

When I was pregnant I would put some on after I got out of the shower and put my Belly Bandit over it to hold in the moisture all day. This was my third pregnancy and in the past, I’d still itch bad with other belly lotions and butters, but not this one! I was surprised too because my stomach stretched much more this pregnancy. Thank you, Mama and Me!

Amelia Hobbs (verified owner)  

I absolutely love this belly butter. I have stretch marks from my previous pregnancy so I’ll never know if this would have prevented them, but my skin looks and feels amazing. I plan on using this after birth for my everyday skin cream.

Shelby M. (verified owner)  

LOVE this stuff! Not only does it feel amazing on and has helped keep my stretching belly nice and moisturized, but I think it smells really good too! I often find myself using this as a general body lotion too. I have purchased a few tubs od this during my pregnancy and it’s one I would recommend for any expecting mama you may know!

BethieBean (verified owner)  

I love the soothing belly butter! I am in my third trimester and this keeps my belly so nice and soft and hydrated. I also use it on my face and other dry areas and it is amazing!! I used to just use coconut oil for dry skin, which was ok, but the belly butter does such a superior job.

Rachael (verified owner)  

This stuff is AMAZING! First of all, it smells heavenly, and the consistency is perfect – so soothing on the belly and breasts, and it’s been a life saver on my hands over our typical cold, dry minnesota winter. A little goes a long way, too, so it lasts forever! Love this product.

Kelly (verified owner)  

I’m in my second trimester and I love this product! It’s pretty thick when getting it out of the container, but as soon as I start to rub it on my stomach it kind of melts. I’m looking forward to seeing how this product works throughout the rest of my pregnancy. (verified owner)  

Wonderful product! I haven’t started showing or stretching in the belly yet, but I’m so glad I bought this in advance. I actually like it better than the breast balm for sore nipples. To my tremendous discomfort, my boobs doubled in size almost immediately upon getting pregnant, and they’ve got stretch marks on them already. I got this to try and alleviate those marks early, as well as prevent any more stretch marks. As other reviewers have said, it is hard when you first scrape a bit out of the tub (which is to be expected from natural “butter” lotions) but it quickly melts. That’s the reason that I like it better than the breast balm; the breast balm takes a little too long to melt for me. This butter liquefies almost immediately after touching my skin and it’s so easy to rub in.


This stuff is great. Currently, I’m using it for excema, but I’m sure it’d be great for an itchy belly.

Ashley (verified owner)  

I haven’t gotten to my 3rd trimester yet, so I’m not sure exactly how it will work. But for now, I like it, seems to be a nice moisturizing lotion for my belly. I love the ingredients in it, very skin healing, especially rosehip seed oil. The only thing I don’t like as much is the lotion is a little hard, so I have to work it before it’s malleable enough to start smoothing around and sinking in – this might just be due to winter time and the fact my house is very cold, so maybe once it gets warmer it will be softer.

Mama’s Body Butter

Lindsay DeYoung (verified owner)  

I am not being hyperbolic when I say this stuff is life changing. I have ALWAYS struggled with my legs being dry. No matter what I used or what I did, they never stayed moisturized and soft… until this stuff. I love all the butters and oils in the ingredients, there’s no water, and it’s all around amazing.

Maricela Mendenhall  

This stuff is AMAZING!!! I’ve been using it all summer & my tan has not only not peeled, but my skin is glowing!! It smells so good too! Definitely going to be buying more for the cooler weather days!

  1. colburn1616 (verified owner)  

    Love the scents. Very moisturizing. My hands were cracked and kept bleeding. One time and they were back to normal. Not too heavy. Not greasy. Skin feels amazing.

Mama's Body Butter


The whipped body butter is AMAZING!! It’s my whole body moisturizer after a shower (good to put on wet or dry skin). It’s easy to smooth into skin because of the velvety whipped consistency. I got a special fall edition scent, Pumpkin Spice, that smells great! I can’t wait to try all the different scents!!

Villarosa (verified owner)  

I’ve tried SO many lotions and body butters for years, but Earthly’s body butter is amazing. My skin just seems to drink it up …. makes skin so soft and plumped even hours later! I’m impressed! Definitely NOT greasy and smells delicious!

Brenda Good (verified owner)  

I love this! Goes on easy doesn’t feel greasy and I don’t have to worry about chemicals being absorbed.

Wanda (verified owner)  

I absolutely love this body butter. It’s so soft and the lavender smells amazing. Sinks into my skin and keeps my skin hydrated and soft all day. The pumpkin flavor smells fabulously delicious. Can’t wait for the fall! Thanks Mama & Me

Jennifer Clinton (verified owner)  

I love this product. I absorbs quickly and it smells amazing. I think I finally found a product that moisturizes my skin without bothering my sensitive nose.

  1. Jolyn (verified owner)  

    I bought this in vanilla bean scent and I wanted to eat it!! It smells delicious. It hydrates dry skin amazingly well, too. I highly recommend this body butter!

Mama’s Bump Oil

Mama's Bump Oil

BJ (verified owner)  

This product is amazing! It moisturizes my skin and it uses good-for-you products, not ethyl-methyl-bad-stuff. It’s different using an oil instead of commercial lotions (takes longer to rub in) but it moisturizes my skin for much longer than lotion. I love this product! Another home run by Mama & Me.

Jessica Pane (verified owner)  

Really enjoy this body oil. Great scent, moisturizing and simple ingredients. Already on my 2nd bottle!

Tanielle (verified owner)  

I love how a little goes a long way. And I can use it after bathtime since all of the ingredients are safe for babies.

Balance That Mama

Emily (verified owner)  

Love that there is a healthy option to take post baby. Been using this for the last three months, it seems to be helping, I have had the best recovery so far. I take it twice a day about 4 days a week.

Kamie (verified owner)  

I LOVE this stuff! I have struggled with terrible PPA and awful mood swings after both of my previous pregnancies. This time, I took Postpartum Balance for one week after giving birth and that was all I needed! My symptoms cleared that quickly. I am now 3 weeks PP and haven’t needed to use it in over 2 weeks. I was absolutely floored.

Allison Whitehead (verified owner)  

With my first two kids, I had PPD and was prescribed meds to get me through the months following. I didn’t like how it made me feel. I tried this with my 3rd and am amazed at how great I feel! My mood is balanced and I can get through the days so much easier with it. I highly recommend this for new mommas and even veteran mommas. I’m proud to say I did not use the meds this go around thanks to these drops!

Alexandria (verified owner)  

My “baby” is two years old now but I haven’t felt quite myself since he’s been born. I noticed I was more moody than before babes. Chatted with Earthley (LOVE the chat function btw) and they recommended this. I tried it and OH MY. My moods are more stable and Im not lying when I say my period comes and I hardly notice it. This coming from someone who had debilitating cramps. No cramps and much lighter too. I’ve used almost an entire 2 oz bottle. Not sure how long to take it? But I believe it works!

Kelsey McMunn (verified owner)  

I had this on hand before I delivered and I’m so glad I did. We had an unexpected NICU stay and I really think I would have felt so much worse without it. This postpartum was so much better in terms of pain (and I had the same tear as my first) and I absolutely attribute it to this product. I make sure I take it every day!

Kasie Q (verified owner)  

I can’t say how amazing this stuff is! I can honestly say after three kids I’ve finally felt amazing while on maternity leave! On days I did feel a little blue I’d take an extra dose & I found it helped. My postpartum bleeding was also minimal! Every mom needs this!

Katie (verified owner)  

This product is AMAZING. Postpartum with my first child was extremely stressful and it took me a very long time to feel like myself, and even after the first year I still felt hit or miss. I didn’t see a doctor or psychiatrist but I’m pretty sure I was battling Postpartum Anxiety.

For my second pregnancy I ordered this tincture in advance and began taking it twice a day in the hospital starting the day I gave birth. My recovery was incredible and so much better. While I’m sure part of this can be attributed to it being my second time (not as much anxiety of everything being brand new parenting-wise) and it being a little easier Labor, I know that this tincture made a HUGE difference in my recovery. My hormones and emotions were supported and I never felt quite as out of control and weepy as I did the first time round and I felt like myself without crazy mood swings in about the first month! I HIGHLY recommend this product and will never have another baby without it. I would definitely buy the 4oz size. I have taken almost daily, missing a few doses here and there and it lasted over three months. I started using it more sparingly these last couple weeks as it is almost gone and I have already noticed a little decrease in my energy and mood stability, so now that I am done with the postpartum period I am going to reorder the natural balance tincture and see if it gives that little extra boost and stability.

Can’t recommend enough, don’t go without it!

kow3814 (verified owner)  

Must-have product for EVERY postpartum mama! Absolutely outstanding. I am using this after birthing my third daughter, and I can tell a drastic difference in my healing. Bleeding was minimal, and stopped within 2 weeks of giving birth (much shorter than my previous two pregnancies). I have had increased energy (despite nursing every 2-3 hours overnight!) and my hormones returned to normal much more quickly. I still felt emotional or overwhelmed at times during the first two weeks (typical after my pregnancies) but then I felt like myself after that (normally it takes months for me to feel this way). I bought the biggest size, but I haven’t used as much as I thought I would. Using the recommended dosage, I think the 1oz or 2oz sizes should be enough to last for the 6 weeks postpartum. I strongly recommend this product for every postpartum mama. Thank you, Kate, for helping me to feel the best I ever have postpartum! I am most grateful! (I’ve struggled with postpartum depression in the past.)

Emily (verified owner)  

Life saver. Literally. I was dealing with debilitating PPD, even over a year after my daughter was born. I finally tried this and I can’t believe the difference it has made. I’m not 100% yet, but I can see a light for the first time. I definitely notice a difference when I forget to take it!

Balance That Mama