Mama’s Milk In

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Carmen (verified owner) . 

I started taking it 2x a day for about a week now and my supply has definitely gone up! Not extreme to make me engorged and uncomfortable but good enough that I can ebf my son and even pump about 6oz extra per day. Must have for breastfeeding mamas!


I’m excited to find lactation support without Fenugreek. I have a thyroid condition and was instructed by my midwife not to take Fenugreek because it interferes with T3 and T4 production. Almost all of the mainstream products contain fenugreek, so it’s awesome to find a natural product without it.

Cora Soleil (verified owner)  

So, I have a special place in my heart for this one. This helped save our nursing relationship and helped me get to one year plus breastfeeding.
I. Tried. Everything.
Legendairy, motherlove, moringa, milk teas, oatmeal, brewers yeast. And yes, it all helped. But it almost seemed to form a dependence.
THIS on the other hand, helped me boost my flow consistently and seemed to keep it stable. So, I got to where I could take it once every few days and not see a dip in supply. It seemed to balance me perfectly. I love this stuff. If you have any supply issues please give this a try. It works so well for me (I’ve used it for several months, and to be honest, haven’t bought a bottle since my last ran out like two months ago, and my supply is doing great for my one year old). The only “problem” with Mama & Me business model is that you might not become reliant on their products lol! And, unlike some businesses I can think of, that’s the kind of solid, holistically-healing integrity I can get behind 

anneleatherman1 (verified owner)  

Wow!!! Finally found something that works. Trying to build up a stash in the freezer to have and I have been taking for two days… my boob that I usually get .5 oz out of just got 2.5 oz!!! Doubled my morning 2.5 oz pump to 5 oz! Over the moon

Ashley Guzman  

I love this stuff! I do wish it could be made with glycerin instead of alcohol but nonetheless, it gets the job done! It’s great to have something thay is natural and boosts my supply. My normal output is about 4-6 ounces when I pump at work and after a day of taking this I noticed it bumped it up to 9oz!

Kristi (verified owner)  

Great product to increase milk supply. Strong taste like with other tinctures if you take straight in the mouth, but doable!.

DRM (verified owner)  

Seems to work pretty well. I’m using to make sure I maintain a healthy supply. It has a strong taste because of the alcohol. It would be better if they could find something else to make it shelf stable.

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Kara Warner  

I tried this before I weaned to help pump more for storage. I ended up getting very sick the second week into it, but my supply didn’t take a huge hit as it normally would and I actually pumped a little more than normal. I weaned shortly after I finished the bottle so only got to test for a couple weeks. Nothing else helped as much!

Heather Faulder (verified owner)  

Love, love, love! It has done wonders boosting my supply back up. I was struggling being back at work and since I’ve started taking this 3x daily I’m back to making what I need to for my little one. I’ve tried MANY other things (teas, supplements, etc) with not much success and this has definitely been a game changer for me!

Susan K  

I received a bottle of this as a gift, and opened it around the time my baby turned 2 mo. After 3 doses over 24 hours I pumped 4oz vs the 2.5 oz I had been pumping over a few days. I’ve been taking it 1-2x/day still, and have even been able to add to the freezer a few times per week! I had been supplementing with homemade goat milk formula, but now I don’t need to, because I’m able to pump enough for her bottles in addition to nursing! She’s getting full on JUST my breastmilk!!

Em (verified owner)  

I took two doses (12 drops each) one day and by the next I had a huge increase in milk. Worked too well for me 

Kaitie Franklin (verified owner)  

I started using this and immediately saw an increase in my milk supply. When I’m really consistent with it, I will produce 2-3 more ounces per session when I’m pumping! Highly recommend!!

mygraceoverflows4u (verified owner)  

This product is AMAZING and definitely the BEST for increasing milk supply. I tried everything for milk supply with my 1st child years ago before I found Earthly, and I still struggled especially when my period started around 9 months post partum. I barley made it to 12 months with breastfeeding and stopped because it was such a struggle to produce, even while taking so many . And now with my second child since taking this product once a day to every other day my milk supply continues strong even after starting my period again at 9mths. I dont have to make sure I’m eating all the time, I can miss eating oatmeal, and am even able to workout without negatively affecting my milk supple like they did with my first child. None of the herbal tinctures taste the best, but i do fine dropping them into my mouth and chasing with some water! My hopes and dreams were that I could breastfeed to a year or maybe 1 yr and 1/2 with my second. I really didnt know if continuing after a year was truly possible, but now I believe and know I can make it even longer with these products!!

Balance That Mama

Balance That Mama

Getz (verified owner)  

Really enjoyed this. I think it helped a lot in the first few weeks/months after child birth.

Allison Whitehead (verified owner)  

With my first two kids, I had PPD and was prescribed meds to get me through the months following. I didn’t like how it made me feel. I tried this with my 3rd and am amazed at how great I feel! My mood is balanced and I can get through the days so much easier with it. I highly recommend this for new mommas and even veteran mommas. I’m proud to say I did not use the meds this go around thanks to these drops!

Kelsey McMunn (verified owner)  

I had this on hand before I delivered and I’m so glad I did. We had an unexpected NICU stay and I really think I would have felt so much worse without it. This postpartum was so much better in terms of pain (and I had the same tear as my first) and I absolutely attribute it to this product. I make sure I take it every day!

Kamie (verified owner)  

I LOVE this stuff! I have struggled with terrible PPA and awful mood swings after both of my previous pregnancies. This time, I took Postpartum Balance for one week after giving birth and that was all I needed! My symptoms cleared that quickly. I am now 3 weeks PP and haven’t needed to use it in over 2 weeks. I was absolutely floored.

Alexandria (verified owner)  

My “baby” is two years old now but I haven’t felt quite myself since he’s been born. I noticed I was more moody than before babes. Chatted with Mama& Me (LOVE the chat function btw) and they recommended this. I tried it and OH MY. My moods are more stable and Im not lying when I say my period comes and I hardly notice it. This coming from someone who had debilitating cramps. No cramps and much lighter too. I’ve used almost an entire 2 oz bottle. Not sure how long to take it? But I believe it works!

Balance that Mama image
  1. Kasie Q (verified owner)  

    I can’t say how amazing this stuff is! I can honestly say after three kids I’ve finally felt amazing while on maternity leave! On days I did feel a little blue I’d take an extra dose & I found it helped. My postpartum bleeding was also minimal! Every mom needs this!

Katie (verified owner)  

This product is AMAZING. Postpartum with my first child was extremely stressful and it took me a very long time to feel like myself, and even after the first year I still felt hit or miss. I didn’t see a doctor or psychiatrist but I’m pretty sure I was battling Postpartum Anxiety.

For my second pregnancy I ordered this tincture in advance and began taking it twice a day in the hospital starting the day I gave birth. My recovery was incredible and so much better. While I’m sure part of this can be attributed to it being my second time (not as much anxiety of everything being brand new parenting-wise) and it being a little easier Labor, I know that this tincture made a HUGE difference in my recovery. My hormones and emotions were supported and I never felt quite as out of control and weepy as I did the first time round and I felt like myself without crazy mood swings in about the first month! I HIGHLY recommend this product and will never have another baby without it. I would definitely buy the 4oz size. I have taken almost daily, missing a few doses here and there and it lasted over three months. I started using it more sparingly these last couple weeks as it is almost gone and I have already noticed a little decrease in my energy and mood stability, so now that I am done with the postpartum period I am going to reorder the natural balance tincture and see if it gives that little extra boost and stability.

Can’t recommend enough, don’t go without it!

  1. kow3814 (verified owner)  

    A must-have product for EVERY postpartum mama! Absolutely outstanding. I am using this after birthing my third daughter, and I can tell a drastic difference in my healing. Bleeding was minimal, and stopped within 2 weeks of giving birth (much shorter than my previous two pregnancies). I have had increased energy (despite nursing every 2-3 hours overnight!) and my hormones returned to normal much more quickly. I still felt emotional or overwhelmed at times during the first two weeks (typical after my pregnancies) but then I felt like myself after that (normally it takes months for me to feel this way). I bought the biggest size, but I haven’t used it as much as I thought I would. Using the recommended dosage, I think the 1oz or 2oz sizes should be enough to last for the 6 weeks postpartum. I strongly recommend this product for every postpartum mama. Thank you, Kate, for helping me to feel the best I ever have postpartum! I am most grateful! (I’ve struggled with postpartum depression in the past.)

Beth K (verified owner)  

Amazing stuff. I encapsulated my second child’s placenta but was not able to do that for my third, now 11 weeks. This helps me feel balanced and human when I keep up on my doses.

Emily (verified owner)  

A Life saver. Literally. I was dealing with debilitating PPD, even over a year after my daughter was born. I finally tried this and I can’t believe the difference it has made. I’m not 100% yet, but I can see a light for the first time. I definitely notice a difference when I forget to take it!

Happy Tummy Happy Mummy

Happy Tummy Happy Mummy

Shawna (verified owner)  

This stuff is AMAZING! It works super fast and has literally saved me so many times during the first trimester.

Jade (verified owner)  

This stuff has been great for the times I’m feeling queasy! I haven’t hit full blown morning sickness yet, but I don’t think I’ll have a problem with this stuff on hand!


This is my 3rd pregnancy and probably the worst morning sickness (more like all-day) and this was one of the few things to actually ease nausea. If I ate I felt sick, so I couldn’t just snack all day to keep it at bay since it would make it worse. I needed something else and this worked during those bad bouts of nausea. It also tastes pretty good. It isn’t a miracle worker or anything, but definitely eased the gaggy feeling!

April Dehm (verified owner)  

To me, the taste wasn’t bad. I used it for morning sickness in my 1st trimester (and then i sent it to another mama). It worked really well! I usually had to use peppermint oil and just smell it constantly, but this was easier and seemed to work longer. It was great, and i didn’t throw up this time around

raelene.murakami (verified owner)  

So helpful with morning sickness. I had to take it as soon as I woke up to make sure it helped. I still had a hard time eating or drinking, but this definitely helped me not get to the point of throwing up. The taste is kind of strong (like all tinctures), so I made sure to mix it with some water.

Jennifer Litwiler  

I used this several times when I was pregnant and even now after I’ve had the baby. I use it for all of my family’s upset stomachs and heartburn. This stuff is amazing and tastes pretty good as well!

Sarah F.  

This was a real life saver for my 2nd pregnancy as the morning sickness lasted way past the 1st trimester and came back again in the third! I wish I had had it for the first. I would take it as a precursor for the morning sickness and again before a gag or nausea trigger such as meal prep or , ugh, a car trip. I didn’t mind the taste at all. It seemed to help almost immediately. I only threw up twice this time, Whoo hoo! I’m picking some up for my friend now!


I really like this product! It tastes good to me and I feel like it’s a nice little boost. I’ve used it to help with nausea but I also use it almost daily just for the extra benefits.

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Nourish That Mama

Mama's Nourishing Drops image

Sarah (verified owner)  

I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or what, but I started taking this right as my cycle started. This cycle, compared to all the others was so much lighter and virtually crampless. It gives a nice boost of energy and tastes great! I’ll definitely be buying more.

Karen Vincent (verified owner)  

Mmm! Something that tastes good and is good for you? Started taking this towards the end of my pregnancy and still do 4 months PP. nice to have something easy to take versus those huge prenatals that just don’t sit well with my stomach most days. This is baby #4 and the best I’ve felt after pregnancy.

Melissa Feicht (verified owner)  

I was spending roughly $120 on supplements per month to help with adrenal fatigue. I have been able to replace those for the most part with this. (I also use the magnesium lotion) it has helped me so much! I feel like my hormones have balanced and for the first time in years, I am actually able to sleep well at night. If you are not used to buying high-quality supplements then I can see how you may experience sticker shock at first, however, I feel like I am getting a lot of bang for my buck compared to buying other individual supplements. Thank you!

Elisabeth Beekman (verified owner)  

Awesome! I feel 100% better every day, and have tons of energy and joy for my family. What an amazing product!!

Anastasia Nix (verified owner)  

I’m convinced that this tincture played a MAJOR role in my amazing pregnancy & labor. I had my baby at 42 weeks and his placenta was so healthy. My uterus worked amazingly from beginning to end. Bleeding was great and I love that this tincture supplied my baby with natural vitamin K while I was pregnant. Earthley doesn’t claim for this to do any of these things, but the ingredients are known to have these benefits and I really think it helped keep us very healthy. Love it!!

Kate (verified owner)  

I showed this to my midwife, and she was wildly impressed with this product. I’m happy to be able to continue taking this through pregnancy.

Nourish That Mama image for reviews

Lori (verified owner)  

This stuff tastes good! I’m not pregnant but am nursing my 2 youngest. I have Celiac disease so my body doesn’t absorb all the nutrients and vitamins in foods I eat, this tincture is a great way to get in what I need.
I started out taking 3 teaspoons daily but was going through it pretty fast. I’ve gone down to 2 teaspoons to help make it last longer.

Kara Warner  

This has all the herbs I was using in my tea for pregnancy and breastfeeding so I was happy to cut out the time and effort of making tea. It tastes great, sweet and minty. Easy to use and no pills to swallow. I feel much better taking this and definitely see a difference in my overall mood and energy.

flipflopfan86 (verified owner)  

I just started using this and I can’t wait to show my midwife! I’m so excited that it is a natural vitamin without all the extra stuff! It has a pleasant mint flavor but I still prefer to put it in juice.

Mama’s Body Butter

Mama's Body Butter image for reviews

Kathy Koltes (verified owner)  

I love the scents of all three and I use the springtime one on my face
and the others on my legs. Will be ordering more for gifts for the family.

villa rosa (verified owner)  

I’ve tried SO many lotions and body butters for years, but Earthly’s body butter is amazing. My skin just seems to drink it up …. makes skin so soft and plumped even hours later! I’m impressed! Definitely NOT greasy and smells delicious!

Wanda (verified owner)  

I absolutely love this body butter. It’s so soft and the lavender smells amazing. Sinks into my skin and keeps my skin hydrated and soft all day. The pumpkin flavor smells fabulously delicious. Can’t wait for the fall! Thanks Mama & Me

Sara (verified owner)  

Amazing!! Will keep stocked up on this. My daughter has eczema and horrendous allergies and this did not irritate and made the itch stop! Did not leave skin greasy.

Charity (verified owner)  

The vanilla one is amazing it has a very nice strong vanilla scent that leaves your skin smelling nice and it also rubs on nicely and leaves skin silky soft! Do not stop making this it is great will definitely be buying more.

Nadya (verified owner)  

I got this in Lavender scent and I LOVE it! Very rich and emollient, great scent to use before bedtime to relax. Soothes any dry winter skin, great for all over the body. I also use it on my face;) Absorbs quickly, great moisturizer. One of my favorites thanks Mama & Me

Jolyn (verified owner)  

I bought this in vanilla bean scent and I wanted to eat it!! It smells delicious. It hydrates dry skin amazingly well, too. I highly recommend this body butter!

Brittany (verified owner)  

I bought the vanilla bean body butter and it’s amazing! It doesn’t sit on the skin and it doesn’t feel greasy. I live in Montana so my skin is very dry here. This body butter made my skin feel so much better!

Mama's Body Butter image for reviews

Kali (verified owner)  

Oh my gosh…this smells like pure vanilla. Not just vanilla…it has actual bean flakes in it which makes the smell that much more amazing. It doesn’t leave your skin greasy or heavy. Very moisturizing!


The whipped body butter is AMAZING!! It’s my whole body moisturizer after a shower (good to put on wet or dry skin). It’s easy to smooth into the skin because of the velvety whipped consistency. I got a special fall edition scent, Pumpkin Spice, that smells great! I can’t wait to try all the different scents!!

Brenda Good (verified owner)  

I love this! Goes on easy doesn’t feel greasy and I don’t have to worry about chemicals being absorbed.

Jennifer (verified owner)  

Love the texture. Moisturizes wonderfully

Jennifer Clinton (verified owner)  

I love this product. it absorbs quickly and it smells amazing. I think I finally found a product that moisturizes my skin without bothering my sensitive nose.

Mama’s Bump Butter

Mama's Bump Butter image

Kelly (verified owner)  

I’m in my second trimester and I love this product! It’s pretty thick when getting it out of the container, but as soon as I start to rub it on my stomach it kind of melts. I’m looking forward to seeing how this product works throughout the rest of my pregnancy.


This stuff is great. Currently, I’m using it for excema, but I’m sure it’d be great for an itchy belly.

flipflopfan86 (verified owner)  

This stuff smells sooooo good! It goes on really smooth and feels amazing! In my last pregnancy, my belly got so itchy especially my scars from my laparoscopy. I now have 4 more scars from a second surgery so I started using this belly butter right away! It is so soothing on my belly and I’m looking forward to using it as my belly continues to grow!

Ashley (verified owner)  

I haven’t gotten to my 3rd trimester yet, so I’m not sure exactly how it will work. But for now, I like it, seems to be a nice moisturizing lotion for my belly. I love the ingredients in it, very skin healing, especially rosehip seed oil. The only thing I don’t like as much is the lotion is a little hard, so I have to work it before it’s malleable enough to start smoothing around and sinking in – this might just be due to winter time and the fact my house is very cold, so maybe once it gets warmer it will be softer.

Stephanie (verified owner)  

I liked the feel and smell of the lotion. It helped during pregnancy.

Kelli (verified owner)  

I love this stuff! It’s got a chocolately smell and is super soft. It’s not too oily, but still very hydrating!

Elisabeth Van Hierden (verified owner)  

This cream smells so amazing. It is so rich and hydrating! I love it!!

Dana (verified owner)  

Smells good, and feels good on my growing pregnant belly. It’s not oily or anything. I really like it and it cures the stretching belly itching!

Marina (verified owner)  

I love this stuff! I wish I had it last pregnancy. It feels very hydrating, my skin has never been so soft and I swear my stretch marks look better from my last pregnancy (probably because my skins so hydrated). A little goes a long way. I like that it feels like it stays on and not just soaks in. It doesn’t have a greasy feel. There’s a very mild chocolate scent, I seem to love chocolate every pregnancy. I highly recommend.. even if you’re not pregnant. This would be great during the winter months and/or for dry skin.

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Mama’s Bump Oil

Mama's Bump Oil image for reviews

mygraceoverflows4u (verified owner)  

Quality oil and love the smell. I mostly use on my kiddos after baths to moisturize

Beth (verified owner)  

I get very dry skin from most soaps. Calendula-Rose Body Oil works great to rehydrate my skin and keeps it moist through multiple hand washings. I’ve also used it as a post-shaving moisturizer on my legs – no flaky skin! The scent is very mild, which I prefer. A little goes a long way so the bottle lasts a long time.

Jessica Pane (verified owner)  

Really enjoy this body oil. Great scent, moisturizing and simple ingredients. Already on my 2nd bottle!

Kristin Brcak (verified owner)  

I bought this for my 2-year-old son’s eczema flare-ups. I put this on him at least once a day. Easy to apply, not messy, keeps him from itching (which is the best relief) and he hasn’t had a bad break out since I have started. I had been seeking long and wide for something that would relieve him of his eczema and this has really been a very helpful product. I also use the ‘Soothing Skin Balm’ when he needs something that is heavier.

alannaj87 (verified owner)  

I love, love, LOVE this body oil! I have very dry skin, and I use this after every shower as a body oil, and as a facial moisturizer. My dry skin has gone away and it leaves me feeling hydrated for hours. I also have two daughters that suffer from eczema. I use this on them as well, and their dry, scaly patches have cleared up!! I also had a ringworm on my foot and thought that I would put the oil on there just to try. This oil legit cleared it up in two days (used on ringworm twice daily.) This is hands down a “cure all oil” (for me) and I recommend it to everyone!

Tanielle (verified owner)  

I love how a little goes a long way. And I can use it after bathtime since all of the ingredients are safe for babies.

  1. Brenda Good (verified owner)  

    Love the smell goes on smoothly.

Elizabeth Nelson (verified owner)  

I finally tried this yesterday! I have super dry skin and in the winter my skin gets SO BAD and so itchy! So I turned off the shower and rubbed on my very dry and almost painful knees and lower legs… I let it air dry then dry myself off with a towel. Pull on my jeans and head out for the day forgetting about it. Later, taking my jeans off I remember and check, my knees are so relieved. It was super bizarre and I had no itching this afternoon. Going to keep using this on my entire legs and arms especially through the winter! I am already in love. My skin needed this for real!!!!

Mama's Bump Oil Image for reviews

BJ (verified owner)  

This product is amazing! I use it instead of lotion on my legs and arms, and occasionally on my face. It moisturizes my skin and it uses good-for-you products, not ethyl-methyl-bad-stuff. It’s different using an oil instead of commercial lotions (takes longer to rub in) but it moisturizes my skin for much longer than lotion. I love this product! Another home run by Mama & Me

Karrie Fieri (verified owner)  

I love this oil! It is lightly scented, rubs in well and leaves my skin feeling soft!

Jennifer Deane (verified owner)  

The calendula & rose in this body oil are for their medicinal properties, not their scent, so I’ll say right off that you don’t get a strong hit of either of them in smell. My husband & I have used this a couple times as a lube & it’s good (a little too good, he might say). I have been oil cleansing my face for years & when I run out of my current stash of jojoba/apricot seed oil, I plan to use this instead.

Mama’s Nipple Stick

Mama's Nipple Stick image for reviews

Rachael.k.Gallagher (verified owner)  

I’m still a few weeks away from the arrival of baby #3, but have already tried this out already since breasts /nipples have been so sore. It’s really soothing and I like the convenience of the twist-up tube. Will be very glad to have this when the baby arrives!

April Dehm (verified owner)  

I bought this when it was still in the container. Now it is as a stick and that seems much more convenient! I used it while breastfeeding while pregnant because I was always so sore. It helped so much!


I bought this to have on hand when I had my sixth baby. I have dealt with yeast infection in my breast and thrush before and it was horrible. When my little guy started to show signs of thrush and my nipples started burning I immediately started using this and everything cleared right up. I was able to continue breastfeeding without any pain (verified owner)  

Good product, but not my favorite… As stated in my review of the Soothing Belly Butter (which I prefer for my sore boobs right now), this balm takes a little too long to melt for me. I would get out of a hot shower, dab a small amount on, and wait for it to warm up on my skin. Even so, the formulation is a little “thick” (if that makes sense?) and it took some friction to get it to melt and rub in — not comfortable on sore nips! It was moisturizing, for sure, but the application was not exactly comfortable. MIND YOU: I’m not breastfeeding yet; I’m just dealing with engorged/sore ta-tas. The belly butter is far more comfortable and soothing to me at present, but IDK if that’s baby safe to use once I start breastfeeding, so I’ll keep this on hand to try again when the time comes.

April Jaimee Ludwig (verified owner)  

Repairs my damaged nipples faster than any other product!

mama's nipple stick for sore cracked nipples image for reviews page

Joy (verified owner)  

This stuff is saving my life right now. First-time mom figuring out breastfeeding. Little dude with a cold and a tendency to cluster feed means lots of close together feedings. My nipples are surviving thanks to this little tub.

Ranelle Moles (verified owner)  

Works wonders!! Awesome soothing balm for the nipples.

Kate (verified owner)  

For some strange reason every winter I get severely dry and itchy nipples. So uncomfortable and embarrassing! I’m so glad I stumbled across this. It has helped so much.

Hannah (verified owner)  

I received this in the postpartum package I believe. I love it! My poor nipples were blanched, bruised, and had blisters. This really helped take the edge off. I still use it for prevention now and then and check the ingredients are awesome enough I use it in my lips and elbows too 

Karen v  

Relief! I was so sore while trying to figure out nursing with my newest baby #4. It was the only thing that soothed instead of hurting when touched. So thankful to have this for our nursing journey.

Mama’s Sitz Bath

Mama's Sitz Bath image

Jen (verified owner)  

Absolutely amazing product. I used this recently after birthing my third daughter. Very easy to prepare and use. Makes 3 baths when used as directed. You can add this to bath water, use in a sitz bath, or add to your peri bottle. Perfect for the postpartum phase! I used the “tea” in a bath, which also helped to heal a crack from breastfeeding. Awesome product! I will definitely be using this again after each of my future babies are born! If you research the herbs used, you’ll see they are absolutely perfect for a healing postpartum mom – assist healing, reduce bleeding, and eliminate swelling. A must-have for any new mom.

Ranelle Moles (verified owner)  

This bath is wonderfully pleasant. I am benefiting from the herbs and the warm soak.

Mam’s Milk In Tea

Image stars for ratingsMama’s Milk In Tea is a loose leaf tea and is wonderfully relaxing and for this reason, the milk begins to flow smoothly.

Image stars for ratingsThe simple process of allowing the tea to steep is relaxing, the taste is good and the herbs do their magic. There is no need now to worry about milk flow anymore.

Image stars for ratingsThis makes a great present for a new Mama, so good to find something unusual and helpful.

Mama's Milk In Tea image

Mama’s Tummy Tea

Mama's Bump Tea

Image stars for ratingsFor those times when Morning Sickness strikes this Tea provides an excellent answer.

Image stars for ratingsThis is loose leaf tea, hence it is premium tea ensuring great taste each time. Preparing loose leaf tea is a traditional custom that is calming to perform and rewarding to taste.

I love the taste and the look of the leaves and each of the herbs used is organically grown and is 100% safe for Mama’s to be. It wuickly relieves symptoms of nausea.

Loving Your Bump

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