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All newly pregnant Mama’s look forward with great excitement to the new little bundle.  It’s a wonderful time and a time of great change and adaption, both for your mind and your body.  Mama and Me is designed to take care of Mama and new bundle.  Take a look at our  Stretch Mark busting products they are the best.  But don’t take our word read the reviews from other Mama’s.  Below you will find our Best Selling Stretch mark fighters. Created from organic, totally safe non-toxic ingredients ensuring You and Bump are safe and cared for.

Follow Our Stretch Mark Treatment Regimes During Pregnancy

As a newly pregnant Mama to be there is just one little question that may nag away at your sub-conscience and that is:  Is it really possible to avoid stretch marks?  The answer is ‘Yes’. you can and we will explain how. We proudly present the answer to this much asked question via two of our premier products namely ‘Mama’s Bump Oil’ and ‘Mama’s Bump Butter‘.  Both products are based in nature and only contain goodness. We know our products work because our many fans internationally have told us so. It is the combination of these two ‘Leading Lady’ products that create the miracle.  As a newly pregnant Mama be sure to get your combo now and look after yourself every step of the way.

Stretch marks aren’t a given, not everyone gets them in fact only about 50% of Mama’s get them.  Their technical name is ‘striae graviae’ but we choose to call them stretchies!~ These marks appear because the skin is overstretched, overstretching can be exacerbated via gaining too much weight during pregnancy and this should be avoided.

These marks are born in the middle layer of the skin, which is fortified with fibres known as collagen and elastin which allows the skin stretch and retract into shape. This elastic layer is fortified with fibres known as collagen and elastin that allow the skin to stretch and snap back into shape.   WE are pregnant for a long time and the skin has a hard road ahead of it and if it is overstretched unnecessarily then the elasticity will break down. When these breaks occur our very clever skin strengthens itself by increasing the amount of collagen. Right, that’s the science bit.

Our advice is to weigh yourself when you first find out you are pregnant and watch your weight increase as the pregnancy progresses.  A normal weight gain is calculated between 11.5kgs to 16.5kgs depending on body type and height. In the first three months you should only gain 1.5kgs, so watch your weight closely.

Preventing stretch marks from the outside is to care for your skin with totally natural and safe products both for you and Bump. All of our products are naturally organic and totally safe for both Mama, Bump and Baby. This nine months of pregnancy is all about you, so enjoy, once Bump arrives. you will be giving your all to the new little miracle.

So stock up on our Bump Oil which is a totally natural and completely safe body oil that sinks into the skin effortlessly.  We are very proud of this product as we know it does what it says on the tin.  The oil is dispensed via a rollerball which makes it convenient, non-messy and allows for no waste.

Next step is to invest in our Bump Butter, this is perfume-free and totally safe.  A little of this goes a long way and again this product has received rave reviews.

Be consistent in your use of these two products and build their application into your daily routine.  You will love the results. 

Therefore take time each day to apply these products via a gentle massage which assists the circulation thereby feeding the skin.

Maintain a good diet and watch your weight.  Now is the time to make sure you are eating healthily, including veg, meat, fish and fruit into your diet.  Cutting back on sweet goods and unnecessary carbohydrates.  Keep hydrated as this affects the skin too.

Treating your skin does not end when the baby is born the skin needs time to revert back to is pre-pregnancy status and our Bump Oil and Bump Butter will continue to work. These products are especially effective on C-section scarring.

Try using an exfoliating scrub before applying the products for greater efficacy. Use gloves or a brush to apply the exfoliator.

Remember to apply Bump Oil and Bump Butter to Bump, Buttocks, hips and breasts.