Mama’s Mini Herbal Library

At Mama and Me we have so many different clean supplement options that many wonder, “Which are best for me?

Check out this quick guide to see what would be most beneficial for you! Simply click on the title to be taken to product pa

Mama’s Milk In Drops

What’s It For?: Increasing a healthy milk supply.

Is it safe?: Safe while nursing, but not safe during pregnancy.  Contains alcohol

Mama's Milk In Drops image

Mama’s Tummy Relief

What’s It For?: to ease upset tummies from morning sickness, and promote health and energy during pregnancy.  Also beneficial for upset stomachs at other times.

Is it safe?: Yes, for ages 1+, and during pregnancy and nursing.  Alcohol-free.

Happy Tummy Happy Mummy

Nourish That Mama

What’s It For?: our version of a “multivitamin,” made entirely with herbs!  rich in minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and more.  plus vitamins like b-complex, c, etc. red raspberry leaf also helps to balance a woman’s hormones and promote a healthy pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Is it safe?: Safe for pregnancy, breastfeeding, and people of all ages.  (kids can take this too.)

Nourish That Mama Image

Balance That Mama

What’s It For?: to promote hormone balance in women, especially after having a baby.  Seems to be best when estrogen is dominant.  This may be used at times other than immediate postpartum.

Is it safe?: not safe for use during pregnancy.  Safe while nursing.  Safe for girls 13+ if they have reached menarche.  Contains alcohol

Balance That Mama